today’s supper(dinner) was cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurry. 😛
THE CURRY inspires me and fullfils not only my stomach but heart.

the currey shop is located near my university – ISHIKAWADAI.
searching the shop with Google, i found several websites. so the shop is famous for people near here.

(i dont have the permission to place this URI on my web. 😛 )

my friend and i ordered two kinds of curry – “beans curry & eggplant curry”.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. “UMASUGI” in Japanese.

In specially, the master of the shop have much experience and knowledge with regards to India. according to him, this shop started 18 years ago.

but i know he have not been to India….
is HIS KNOWLEDGE of India true? i dont know the truth and dont want to know it.


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